Set a certain amount of money that will be allocated only to sports betting (named Bankroll). It is very important that this sum of money can be lost. Being aware of this will allow the bettor not to have a huge weight on their shoulders when betting. Weight which could prove to be dangerously influencing in the management of bets. It is not essential that this amount be on the bookmakers! The only important thing is that he is determined 사설토토. 2. Set a betting range. What will be the minimum bet and what will be the maximum bet. You can imagine that here it is not the minimum that is important but the maximum! It is very important to set a limit! As said before our sports betting budget is not unlimited so the most important objective is not to lose it. Generally bettors use a betting range between 1% and 10% of the total budget. For very large Bankroll a 1%-5% is possible. 3. Choose between a variable or fixed betting model Model of variable bets : it is to apply the percentage of bets to the current bankroll and not that of departure. It is a technique which is therefore more aggressive when you are winning (a percentage of a major sum corresponds to a larger bet) but on the other hand also more cautious when you are in the process of winning. to lose. Model of fixed bets : on the other hand, the fixed model corresponds to calculating the bet according to the starting Bankroll. Therefore having therefore the opposite characteristics to the first 사설토토. Caution is king when the bettor is positive. The game becomes aggressive when the bettor is negative. Personally, I have used the variable betting model since I started. Thus, I regularly increase my stakes according to the increase in my Bankroll.

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