Study the scorer’s performance against the opposing team (defense / goalkeeper)

Some scorers have particular affinities with certain teams or certain stadiums. This is a piece of data that may seem trivial but is important. For example, Messi very often scores against Real Madrid, Pauleta was for a long time the executioner of Mickael Landreau 사설토토. Drogba also has some favorite teams in England… Another phenomenon: players who score against their former club . By taking these facets into account, we play on the psychological ascendancy that certain attackers may have over defenses or goalkeepers. Facing them, they will try things that they would not usually dare, the strike will be purer, the dribbling easier… The attackers hang on to small things and unconsciously say to themselves “I have already done it, I can do it again “. 4) Study the scorer’s performance in match types Some players prefer to play at home rather than away and therefore perform better there. Example: Antonio di Natale scored 80% of his home goals midway through the 2011/2012 season. Others are on the contrary more comfortable outside, while some are completely indifferent to the field. Another point: pressure matches. Players are always present during big matches (Messi, Cavani to name a few). Others often miss out on major events! Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, has a ratio in the Champions League that is unworthy of his real level! Cristiano Ronaldo often misses the Clasicos…. So be sure to take into account the nature of the match 사설토토 and your player’s performance in similar encounters! 5) Favor players taking penalties and free kicks Obviously, it is easier to score on penalties than with defenders to face. Betting on a player who takes penalties is a great advantage. If he is a scorer, it’s even better (eg Cavani, Soldado, Ibrahimovic…). The free-kick takers are not to be neglected either. And when a player hits free kicks + penalties, it’s the best (Van Persie, Messi, Robben, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nene…).

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