A few tips for betting on a goalscorer during the match!

As you may have noticed, I love to bet on scorers. Many punters in particular switch from tobacco to online bookmakers mainly to be able to bet on this type of bet. Here I would like to share with you the things to consider when putting your money on a goalscorer during a football match 사설토토. These 5 elements seem essential to me to bet on the scorers. 1) Make sure that player will start This is the basis. At some bookmakers, the bet is taken into account even if the player does not start but enters the game a few minutes before the end of the match. To avoid unpleasant surprises, I strongly advise you to inquire on the many sports news sites: check that the player has not returned from injury (in which case he is likely not to play the whole match), also check that the coach is not a fan of turnover in attack. I am thinking of teams like Real Madrid where Mourinho plays Benzema and Higuain in turn (2011/2012 season). So put the odds on your side by betting on players who, when available, are 99% certain of appearing in the starting 11. 2) Consider the form of the player Confidence is certainly the essential criterion that will determine whether a striker will be effective or not 사설토토. There is nothing worse than a scorer who lacks confidence. To have a little experience in this position, I can tell you that (almost) everything happens in the head. When a goalscorer is criticized, disputed, that he hasn’t scored for a certain number of matches (etc…), I strongly advise you not to play him. Take the example of Fernando Torres, scoring machine with Atletico and Liverpool, the Spaniard never managed to assume his transfer to Chelsea. I am convinced that if he had scored 2 or 3 goals in his first games, he would probably have had a much better fate at the Blues. Conversely, an attacker who scores is an attacker who will score . Cristiano Ronaldo said a fairly accurate sentence during the 2010 World Cup: “Goals are like ketchup: when they arrive, they all come at the same time”. I usually never play a goalscorer who hasn’t scored for 3 games. On the other hand, the time he re-marks, I have a chance of playing him the next match.

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