If there is one thing to master when you are a bettor, it is:

DON’T BE AFRAID OF ODDS Hello everyone, little article that I have wanted to do for a while. It’s about the odds. Too often, too many people come to see me telling me that they are afraid of the odds which are too high for their taste, asking me where the scam is. This article therefore partially follows on from the previous ones. It therefore confirms that bookmakers can let values ​​slip away and it is up to the bettor to be reactive to spot them and take advantage of them as soon as possible. So don’t be afraid of a high rating just because it is high 토토사이트 . It must always be related to the analysis carried out upstream, to the estimated risk and then to judge it. Not before ! There are plenty of great values ​​that we have found with the entire MediaPronos team for several years (available here) which confirm this. And there are also some special case screenshots that I would like to tell you about. Of course once again we are mainly in niche markets, it is more complex to find them in the major championships, but not impossible, we have already proven it to you in the past! In this article, I will mainly dwell on “live” cases because the values ​​are even more important in live. Indeed whatever happens on the field in terms of superiority, domination and play (so I’m not talking about goals or penalties) the bookmaker will need about 10/15 minutes to drastically update the odds . Example, a team that dominates the first 10 minutes enormously and is rated @7 pre-match, will drop to @5 after 10 minutes and to @3.50 after 15 minutes if they continue to dominate. And then if it continues it will even become a favorite. The bookmaker cannot go faster than this time frame. He needs it to realize it, to be certain and even not to drastically change the odds in a few seconds otherwise it is at this moment that he exposes himself and would take risks. Here are some examples : Friendly match between two German amateur teams: Burgaltendorf 1913 – Altenbochum Handicap -2AH set for Burgaltendorf 1913 which should be totally higher Very often sports betting sites indicate live statistics, it can help bettors enormously and it is a very important starting point for live analysis in addition to video (if available) and pre-match analysis . There in this case there were no live stats on my bookmaker. When most would have withdrawn, I saw an opportunity! If the book doesn’t have live stats and I can find them elsewhere a value could be monstrous. So I quickly start looking for any statistics that would confirm whether this -2 handicap is correc 토토사이트t. Very quickly I find live stats on totalcorner and Altenbochum (the team rated @14) seems to slightly dominate the game after 30 minutes of play with 36 dangerous attacks to 20. Be careful, that does not mean that they will win, or even that they are better, but that’s enough to give me the green light that the half-time win odds @7.50 and the end-game win odds @12 at that time are valued. And we can even say enormously value. Of course they don’t have a 90% chance of winning the match…. but do they only have 6.66% (odds 14) to win as the bookmaker estimates? Certainly not! It is therefore a value! It is this reasoning that must be done systematically when locating a value.

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