So will you tell me, what are the bets on which I never work?

overall 2: the unders that I hate more than anything (you’re never safe from a deflected shot, poor form from a goalie, etc.), and the 1X2s since the odds are generally infamous. Last parenthesis on the bets: you should know that a game in RT is about 60 shots, we better understand the importance of the form of a goalies. There is on average 1 shot per minute in NHL, a good goalkeeper will run around 0.92 in SV, a bad one below 0.85, so the difference is tiny (7%) but this difference, however small it may be, will cause you to lose since he will eventually collect much more. Livebets in the NHL? I’m going to give you a track that you can test on the recovery. The only real live valid in NHL and to try depends on a very particular case: the score in the last TT must be a pawn difference between the two franchises 5 minutes from the end 사설토토. EX: there are 5 minutes left between the Caps and the Jets, the Jets lead with the score 4/3, go for the over + 7.5 on your book without hesitation, but do it 5 minutes before the end of the game since your book is blocking the odd 2 minutes from time. Why take this over? Quite simply because in 100% of cases the coach will bring out the goalies to put in a 6th field player so either in front they intercept the puck and the goals are empty, or it equalizes…. But this live bet happens very very often… You can trust me on this. Warnings and Tips Never follow a tipster or pseudo tipster on the NHL if the goalies are not confirmed! C IS IMPOSSIBLE to offer an analysis without the goalies with the jet lag I find it difficult to understand how certain pseudo forecasters can balance you a bet in NHL. THIS IS SUICIDE and it’s only result flash 사설토토. So yes, the prediction may pass because it will offer a favorite at home but you will not give yourself the means to optimize your bet… ABSOLUTELY BAN WITHOUT THE GOALIES. second subject: the management of your BK. You have to respect the % of stakes that you are told, take a book per tipster and above all do not take 10 tipsters per specialty, it is useless and in the end you will not even know what to bet, so STOP them bullshit to always want to combine, STOP STOP STOP..

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