What are my types of bets?

This discipline offers a certain number of them (as in all other sports), concerning me I only work on 3 types of predictions (I will tell you about the others just below). wins (RT or OT) When I talk about winning 안전놀이터, be careful, I’m not talking about 1X2 but about winning in RT or OT, and for the moment I almost always break down my bet in this way: 1/3 of my bet on the RT and 2/3 of my bet on the OT EX: after a detailed analysis, I identify a good confidence and I will therefore work on the odds offered by the books. I 안전놀이터 assume that my franchise is going to win and that my choice is good, so I will ensure the outcome by playing 2% on a win in OT (overtime and penalties included), and 1% on a win in RT. The odds in RT are 0.3 higher, which is quite logical in my opinion, but given the odds and given the stakes, my bet will be a winner no matter what if my team wins in OT, and of course the icing on the cake if it’s on RT. This is my way of working the wins in NHL! How to choose a winner? I’m not going to chew you all my work done upstream but a win is linked to 50% on the performance of a goalie!!! YES YES, you read that right, 50%! So, to make a first sorting I of course need the final line up concerning the goalies, then according to the goalies I will study the GAA, their SV and on the previous confrontations. This is the very first thing I need: the goal that will be in the net. Then comes the in-form players and those who are in the infirmary , but these criteria only come at the end of my analysis. The scorers So there this item is lucrative as ever. I can’t even call it a gold mine anymore, it’s nameless. All the odds offered on a scorer are greater than 2 and go up to 6 or 7, so imagine if you combine two scorers and it fits!!! All scorer predictions I offer them at 1%… How to choose an NHL scorer? This subject is very vast, and I’m not going to give you all the tricks on all these years I’ve worked on it either, but I can simply tell you that I very often choose a scorer based on his history with the goalies opposite. (and the form of the moment of course). A goalies is judged on his GAA and his SV, it’s to sum up the % of shots he collects according to the total % of shots, in short, to give you a concrete example, Ovechkin (emblematic player of the Caps) scores quite easily against certain goalies (Fleury on the Vegas side for example), so when the Caps meet Vegas and Fleury is in the net I rush headlong into Ovechkin scorer at @ 2.20… But you can’t learn all that in 2 minutes, none of my scorers are chosen at random, Parentheses on this item: POINTERS are not offered in Arjel but there too there are tickets to buy. the overs This last type of prognosis is also quite profitable since it is based on pure and hard stats, a subject that I master rather well being a maths teacher at the base. I only need some info: the stats of the goalies and the state of form of the two attacks . The ideal context is to have two average goalies against two big attacks; it’s not always the case but once again with the few years of live that I have behind me I manage to sort out the good spots to take.

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