Tip #2 – Accept that you will lose bets. Lots of bets.

Losing bets is part of a bettor’s life. It’s normal. Some will lose more bets than others, it depends on the bets you make. But you have to be prepared to lose. Simply. Because it will now be part of your daily life 안전놀이터. No professional bettor wins in the long run with 80 or 90% successful bets. The pros rather turn between 40 and 60%, which is already not bad. Because unfortunately (or fortunately), you cannot predict the outcome of a match. It’s impossible. Unless you paid the athletes themselves. So many parameters come into play and will influence the outcome of the game. Parameters that you do not control. Luck, too, sometimes. So much so that sometimes, despite all the sports betting tips you’ve read, you’re going to chain losing bets. Many. Maybe too much for you. But this is where you can go from amateur to professional status. The amateur bettor will stop, while the professional bettor will understand that this is the result of variance, and that if his betting system is good, then he will go up. It has a nice name by the way: variance . There are times when you will be luckier, and times when you will be less lucky. And it’s not just up to you. Remember: these are human beings you are betting on. With their flaws. With the pressure that goes with it 안전놀이터. This is why sometimes Real Madrid will lose against a small club in the league when they are capable of winning the Champions League three times in a row. This is what makes small thumbs often reach the final of the Coupe de France.

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