What is the NHL? the essential notions before betting

This post will help novices in this discipline but also the “confirmed”, I will tell you about the rules in NHL, the history, the forecasts on which I work, warnings….in short, lots of subjects that will allow you to better understand this discipline and my way of working on it. NHL, where were you born? The NHL is not young. The NHL has been around for over 100 years 안전놀이터 . The first season came in 1917/1918 with a victory for Toronto which would lift the Stanley Cup for the first time ever. The NHL or National Hockey League brings together the franchises of North America and Canada . You should know that just like the NBA or the NFL and MLB, the NHL is a real institution in the United States, this sport is extremely popular across the Atlantic… which is why you will find the best players in the world (just like for the NBA). As a side note, Montreal holds the record with 24 trophies in just 100 years. NHL games are widely watched both in stadiums and on television. This is the eighth sports championship that brings together the most spectators in the world after American football or cricket matches in India 안전놀이터!With an average of 17,000 spectators per game for a total of approximately 21 million per year, the NHL fascinates the crowds! With the introduction of the “Winter Classic” in 2008, a game played on January 1 every year, the NHL has seen its television audiences and the number of its programs dramatically increase. In Canada, broadcasts of NHL games were sold to Rogers Communication in 2014 for a 12-year contract worth 4 billion euros against a contract of nearly 2 billion euros spent by NBCUniversal for broadcasting in the United States for 10 years. Different rules to European rules Regarding the rules, they are slightly different from the better known championships in Europe (KHL, Magnus league ect ect), but I will still go into detail because I think not everyone knows them inside out. Ice Hockey is practiced on an ice rink on which 6 players per franchise skate (5 field players and a goalie). The game consists of scoring goals with a puck (small rubber disc) by wielding it with a hockey stick. The duration of the matches: a match is divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes, the total regulation time being therefore 1 hour. Each period is said as a TT (third time), and in NHL it is 18 minutes of break between each TT against 20 for the other championships. Another specificity of the NHL: the coach of a franchise can only field 20 players on the game sheet (including 2 goalkeepers), compared to 22 for the KHL or the Magnus league ….The role of the coach is therefore decisive because he has the freedom to let in or out whoever he wants and when he wants, his only restriction being not to involve his 2 guards simultaneously. Note that, unlike football, the goalkeeper on the ground cannot wear the captain’s armband. One thing that very few must know but that I also want to tell you is the number of referees: there are as many referees as players on the ice, in total you have 12 players and 12 referees, realize, what sport can fail to have so many referees? any. The reason is very simple: in my opinion, it is the fastest collective sport and therefore refereeing decisions must be taken almost instantaneously (whether to validate the puck in the net, or to give a penalty for example) . The role of the coach is therefore decisive because he has the freedom to let in or out whoever he wants and when he wants, his only restriction being not to involve his 2 goalkeepers simultaneously. (2 line judges and 1 to 2 main judges), to which are added 2 goal judges who take place behind the protective ice, 1 timekeeper, 1 announcer, 1 responsible for the score sheet, 2 responsible for the benches penalty, without forgetting the video judge behind his screen. Total:12 judges … for 12 players!!!!! More generally you will have understood it, the goal being to score one more point than your opponent. In the event of a tie at the end of the third period, the two teams have to play an extension of 5 minutes; so be careful this time you will only have 3 field players per franchise . If the score does not change it is the peno session with 3 shots per franchise and in the event of a tie it is sudden death. Either way, there will always be a winner! Why did I choose the NHL as my specialty? On this subject there are a multitude of reasons to start with passion , it is an ultra physical sport, the actors on the ice are real athletes, I believe that you do not even realize the physical requirement that you have to have to last a season in the NHL, the pre-season is absolutely daunting, 4 hours of bodybuilding/day and so on. The second reason is obviously financial. It is the only “mass” or “popular” sport that offers such juicy odds throughout the season. You will never see, I mean NEVER, an NHL odds lower than 1.50 on a win in RT (excluding overtime). This sport is a real gold mine for experienced gamblers who know how to make the most of this discipline. Look at the other sports, in football, tennis, basketball as well as all the other “popular” sports you will find sometimes even often disgusting odds (from 1.10 to 1.20 very often); and I will go further in my approach since even the other hockey leagues (excluding NHL) such as the KHL (russia) or the Magnus league (france) often offer horrible odds….. Remember this: this is the only sport where you will find such affordable and clean odds throughout the season!

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