The odds are falling, I’ll explain why and how to take advantage of it anyway!

Hello everyone, I have seen a lot of comments and messages about the evolution of the odds. I’ll explain a bit how it works. Let’s start with the basics, each country has national bookmakers (in France: Winamax, Betclic, FDJ etc…) and then there are international bookmakers (bet365, Pinnacle and hundreds of others). When the bookmaker adds a match and therefore odds to his offer (example Skala Itrottarfelag – NSI Runavik before yesterday) he defines starting odds. The day before yesterday, for example, the match started to be added to the bookmakers shortly after 3 p.m. Thus at 3:06 p.m. 1xbet (foreign bookmaker) offered odds of @1.69 for Runavik’s victory. Winamax @1.42. Pinnacle @1.45. In short, huge odds for any bettor who follows this championship and knows the teams. Then the odds change according to the stakes. So I’m not telling you anything, I’m not the only one to master this championship, foreign bettors were obviously waiting for this bet on Pinnacle. Because in the end a few tens of minutes later the odds fell everywhere and stabilized at 1.10 everywhere. 토토사이트 Rating that I consider correct. Disabilities did the same. I spotted huge handicaps on PMU / Parions sport. Just like Pinnacle (site reputed abroad for accepting large bets) offered the -1.5 handicap (so victory by two or more goals) at odds @2.28! In short, all the sites had enormous odds in relation to the risk and it was monstrous values. Of course the ratings drop very very quickly. And there’s no story of a mole or an undercover bookie or whatever. There are other pros just waiting to shield Runavik @1.70 on Pinnacle or other sites. Because it is their job and their livelihood 토토사이트.

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