Where to find Value Bet?

The question may seem far-fetched, because there is no specific place where you will find Value Bet. The real difficulty also lies at this level, since the bookmakers are seasoned professionals who do not intend to lose money easily. They take care to calculate different statistical data before offering odds. Except that it is quite possible to detect Value Bet with a little effort and experience 바다이야기. To help you, you can for example call on the expertise of a notorious forecaster such as France Pronos and take advantage of many sports betting techniques that will allow you to detect Value Bet and thus be part of the privileged circle of winning bettors. . How to Calculate a Value Bet There is no doubt that the Value Bet is a veritable war chest for bettors. This is one of the best sports betting methods to use to manage your bankroll over the long term, if not simply the best. Whether you are an amateur or an expert in the field, finding a Value Bet will always require analytical efforts and experience. Even if subjectivity will be one of the biggest determinants here, the fact remains that nothing is left to chance. And call on a seasoned tipster like Anthony de France Pronos, professional tipster, very experienced and always on the lookout for good moves. Find his interview here . Let’s get to the heart of the matter and see how to calculate a Value Bet quickly and easily. Two formulas must always stay in your mind in order to be able to determine your Value Bet index. – The formula for the percentage of the probability: 100/odds – The formula for calculating the odds: (1/percentage of the probability) x 100 Let’s take our first example on the Spanish Liga with the match between FC Barcelona and Levante. The odds offered by the bookmaker are 1.15 for Barcelona to win. The percentage probability formula gives us 100/1.15 = approximately 87% chance of winning the game for the FCB. But you think that in view of your personal analyzes and especially the stakes of the match, the favorite team has a 97% or more chance of winning the game. To calculate the odds corresponding to this percentage you will do: (1/95) x 100 = 1.05 which corresponds to the odds derived from your analysis of the Blaugrana club’s probability of sure victory. In your opinion, the odds are therefore overvalued by 1.09% (1.15/1.05), a Value Bet which is certainly not great, but which seems like a sure shot on which you are better off betting.

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