Value Betting: a definition

The Value Bet, by definition, is quite difficult to succeed literally based on the English translation. But to put it simply, we remember that the Value Bet is a bet on a sporting result whose probability of occurrence has been underestimated by the bookmaker. Each bet taker has a statistical tool which allows the odds to be generated taking into account several parameters, 바다이야기 especially statistical data. The only problem with this approach is that certain decisive elements linked to the match cannot be taken into account (motivation, stakes, injuries, state of form of the players, etc.). As a result, the human approach is still the best way to determine odds. From this perspective, the Value Bet will correspond to a rating that is considered to be erroneous, from an objective point of view, but also subjectively. Let’s take a concrete example to support our point. Consider a La Liga meeting between FC Barcelona and Levante, 2nd and 19th respectivelyof the championship. One is playing for first place in the championship while the other is already relegated to the second division. In addition, Barcelona remains on a series of 6 consecutive victories and its opponent on a series of 2 draws and a victory. The bookmaker offers odds of 1.15 to FC Barcelona, ​​the big favorite of this meeting. Which means he estimates FCB has about an 87% chance of winning this game. We are in front of a Value Bet, since we objectively estimate that in view of the previous meetings and the stake, it is certain that Barcelona wins. In fact, it is considered that the odds allocated to the favorite should be at least 98%. Since the objective probability of the event in percentage is higher than the odds offered by the bookmaker, then we are facing a Value Bet. And the greater the difference between the two percentages, the more profitable the Value Bet. The value bet in tennis The Value Bet is a concept that is not unique to football, but is also found in tennis. The principle is the same and here too, the greater the percentage difference between the odds offered by the bookmaker and the percentage of the objective probability that you offer on an event, the more profitable the Value Bet will be. And to illustrate this Value Bet tennis, let’s do a simulation of a match on clay between Nadal and Humbert respectively 2 nd and 30 th in the world. Thanks to reliable tennis predictions and your analytical work, you can identify a 75% probability of victory for Rafael Nadal. However, the bookmaker offers odds of 1.60 which equates to a percentage of 62.5%. The percentage of the objective probability being higher than that put forward by the bookmaker, we are therefore faced with a Value Bet. And a good one. Which means that if Nadal wins, your bet would be very profitable. The value bet in football A sports bet is by definition never 100% sure. And in football, surprises happen very quickly during a match. You can have injuries from the start of the match like that of Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid. Expulsions that change the face of the game and very often make the favorite look like the outsider. It is therefore necessary to take into consideration the possibility of losing a bet even when it seems sure. A Value Bet foot will always be very profitable for the bettor, even if it will sometimes happen that he loses. If we continue with our illustrations, Lille, current first in Ligue 1, meets Dijon, last in the championship. Your analyzes will obviously take into account the challenge pursued by Lille and its overall state of form, without forgetting that of the players. You therefore estimate the team’s chances of winning on their lawn at 90%. The bookmaker estimates at 75% and offers a higher odd than what you offer based on your personal analysis. The difference being, we are facing a good Value Bet.

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