Study: COVID-19 calls into question the advantage of the home factor!

We often talk about the importance of the “home factor” in sport in general. Naturally, players tend to transcend themselves in front of their supporters. So in normal times, we win more often at “home” than outside.. what is really the home factor during the Covid? A study (covering the period 2012-2020), conducted by Carlos Cuevas, confirmed our thinking: locals are disadvantaged when they play in an empty stadium , without this famous 12th man, who knows how to put pressure on the opponents and arbitration decisions. What is this study based on? The sample: this study was conducted on 41 professional leagues (233,666 matches played in total by 1,708 teams) in 30 different countries . Among the 233,666 matches in the sample, 2,749 matches (played in 28 countries) were played without supporters and 613 were played with a large part of the stadium empty (partial). The statistic to remember about the study and the post covid home factor Since #COVID19 , the advantage of playing at home has collapsed by 50%! This is also felt at the level of the refereeing, which is less favorable for the home team (no pressure from the supporters on the refereeing body) 토토사이트. We have noticed that since the start of the matches behind closed doors, the referees have whistled more fouls from the locals than from the visitors. Before COVID-19, it was quite the opposite. Same remark for yellow cards and red cards. Here are the graphics: Match results faults Red cards Yellow cards Summary of the elements to remember concerning the Covid and the home factor Before COVID: 45% wins for locals, 26% draws and 29% wins for visitors. After COVID (empty or partially empty stadium measures): 41% wins for locals, 26% draws and 33% wins for visitors. The home team is called 10% more fouls, receives 22% more yellow cards and 33% more red cards per game compared to the POST-COVID period. Here is a summary of this study by Carlos Cuevas. If you wish to read the complete study (15 pages), I invite you to click here 토토사이트.  Good reading !

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