4 truths you need to know about bookmakers!

I know I’m going to shock more than one and bust some myths, but it’s important to be aware of these few truths that bettors often ignore. This allows you to go further and become a better bettor 토토사이트. This also makes it possible to correct buddies or friends who make a mistake by shouting one of these statements loud and clear after a losing bet.😉 Here are 4 statements that you have read a lot, of which you are sometimes even convinced and which are actually false! The bookmaker fills his pockets when a bettor loses… Wrong! That’s just not how sports betting works. The bookmaker is not and does not want to bet against you. It is an intermediary who tries to obtain an equal amount of bets on each side of the bets offered. Bookmakers make money by accepting bets on a market and pricing them in a way that does not represent the true probability of the outcome. This is called the margin, this margin allows them to earn money from bets placed by bettors regardless of the outcome. Abroad the margin is about 5%, in France about 15% (sometimes even more… much more, without looking too much I just found on a French bookmaker, on a match this weekend, 31% margin!! !!!!!!!!). You understand that no matter which of the two outcomes wins, if the bookmaker manages to distribute the bets correctly, he stuffs himself! This is why you have to bet 110 to win 100, or 11 to win 10 on a single bet. Losers lose 110, winners win 100 and the bookmaker takes the extra 10 on all losses. If the bookmaker offered a coin toss, the coin toss odds would not be @2 and @2 but @1.97 and @1.97 abroad and @1.85 and @1.85 in France. Their objective is therefore to obtain exactly the same number of bets on one side as on the other (over and under / 1X2 etc…) 토토사이트. When they don’t have an equal amount of bets on one side, they adjust the odds to try and get bettors on the other side to bet. This is how bookmakers work. This confirms that the huge drops in odds that we sometimes advise you are only anticipation of the true value of the odds in our opinion. Basically it confirms that we give you the information first.

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