The bookmaker’s pockets are full when a non-favorite team wins… Wrong!

Hey no! Here too it is false! The bookmaker does not fill his pockets if the TFC beats Barcelona or if Les Herbiers take PSG out of the Cup. On one condition of course…. that the bookmaker does his job well! That is to say what I told you above, that he manages to have (by playing on the evolution of the odds) an equal distribution of bets on each outcome. In fact, the victory of the underdogs even allows free publicity. Whenever a big underdog wins, or a combination of underdogs pass, you will usually find information on all social networks and sites about someone who is making a lot of money. My bookmaker has information that I cannot have…. False ! When you do your job well as a bettor, that is to say that you take the time to analyze everything (stats, players, coach, motivations, etc.) on the national and local press, on the teams’ networks and lots of other supports) we have a duel on equal terms. Sometimes 토토사이트 (and we have often proven it to you on MediaPronos) the bettor can even have the information first, especially on niche markets. So no, the bookmaker does not have a contact in the club who warns him, no more than the bettor, he just has employees who are dedicated to finding information 24 hours a day. While bettors are working, driving or sleeping. On MediaPronos we try to give you equal weapons against the bookmaker by giving you the information as soon as possible, just count all the values ​​published over the last year,🙂 It’s impossible to make money playing favorites…. False ! Once again this is false because the odds (and therefore the handicaps) are adjusted by the stakes of the punters. Bettors are not always right. It takes work, but there is money to be made on the favorites as well as the underdogs. The important thing is to take the right odds at the right time. A favorite team @1.30 may not be worth betting. On the other hand if it goes up @1.75 it can become value (it always depends on the information). This is often the reason why in huge falls in the rating I advise you not to take below a certain threshold. It is also for this reason that during a major drop in the rating, value can “change teams”. Bonus to go further 토토사이트: exchanges allow you to remove the intermediary (bookmaker) Abroad there are betting exchanges (like betfair) which offer a truer picture of the value of a bet. On a betting exchange site, users bet against other users – eliminating the need for a bookmaker. The market is driven by supply and demand, which often results in better odds than those at a bookmaker. Instead of a bookmaker margin, betting exchanges charge a commission on winning bets (between 2% and 5% depending on the exchange on net profits). The average bookmaker margin is 6%, which is a significant difference in potential value for punters, compared to exchange betting.

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