The team that has fixed the most football matches according to UEFA and is still playing!

“This club has rigged football matches like no one has ever done before in the history of the sport”, the UEFA committee did not go there with tweezers in its report… And maybe that it was indeed not necessary since in 6 years Skenderbeu is accused of having fixed no less than 53 matches in the Albanian league, Europa League and Champions League qualification and friendlies! They were therefore suspended for 10 years from all European competition! 53 match fixing highlighted The suspension came after UEFA’s Betting Fraud Detection System (BFDS) identified 53 matches involving Skenderbeu: friendlies, domestic fixtures and European club competitions 토토사이트 . The matches were fixed between November 2010 and April 2016 in an attempt to win massive amounts of money from sports betting. The case focused on the four most important (and having the most cash at the bookmakers) games: two games from the 2015-16 Champions League qualifying round and two from the League group stage Europe 2015-2016. Skenderbeu is accused of “attempts to manipulate high profile matches for profit”, earning millions of dollars in the process. The report explains that the club have ‘no respect for the integrity of the game’ and have devised a highly organized structure intended to raise huge sums through the game. It’s an accusation the club have always denied. (but the evidence is overwhelming). Europa League : The report says two Europa League group games, in Lisbon (against Sporting) and at home against Lokomotiv Moscow, are of particular concern. Skenderbeu lost 5-1 and 3-0 in those two games, but the rather amazing thing that shocked the authorities was that the course of the two games was exactly as suggested by the bets 토토사이트. Some will remember that I even announced live that the odds were suspicious and the goal would come. Each time it happened. Normally we had almost a 99% chance of winning… And we weren’t the only ones! The former saw a wave of “exuberant and illogical” betting for six or more goals in the game. The match ended 5-1. The second, from the 85th minute when the score was 0-1 received huge live bets for another two goals scored. There were 2 goals in the 89th and 90th minutes. What a nice coincidence… Here is the little wonder on video; with Skenderbeu totally passive and ridiculous in defense. We clearly note the defenders who do not run and the goalkeeper who lets slip the goals.

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