California to Hold Online Poker Hearing

The legalization and regulation of online poker have been a hot topic in California for quite some time now. Poker fans believe that they should have the right to play online in a safe and regulated environment while some politicians believe that the move could generate a great deal of additional revenue for the state. However, California still has its fair share of nay-sayers – and the community has decided to come together to address their concerns.

Tomorrow, California’s Senate Governmental Organization Committee will be holding an informal hearing titled “Examining the Public Policy and Fiscal Implications Related to the Authorization of Intrastate Internet 카지노사이트 in California” from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

On the hearing’s agenda is a wide range of topics, including statements from Tribal Government leaders, players, card clubs, problem gambling organizations, internet providers, and the California Gambling Control Commission. A time slot has also been reserved for public comment, where members of the general public will be able to voice their opinions.

Online poker and other forms of online gambling have the potential to generate a great deal of revenue for those who choose to take advantage of its profitability. Many believe that California should use the opportunity while it is available, as the state could stand to profit from this multi-billion dollar industry. By regulating online poker and online gambling, California could tax the market, generating money that could help pay off the state’s massive debt. However, there are many people who oppose the legalization of online poker, fearing the risks of online gambling addiction. Among others, these topics will be discussed at the upcoming hearing.

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