Other techniques to win at sports betting

The Value Bet remains the best way to ensure its gains over the long term. But there are other techniques to win at sports betting. Each tipster will offer sports betting techniques based on their analysis. Beware of those who will make you believe that winning at sports betting is simple and constant 바다이야기. You have to take into account that you will suffer losses from time to time. The goal is to have a positive return on investment over a given period. We offer you some reliable techniques that will allow you to make gains on your favorite sports: – Have accounts opened with several bookmakers. This allows you not to be a prisoner of the odds offered by a single bookmaker. And it is possible for you to play between several odds of several bookmakers to make you a certain gain even of a few euros. Remember that in the long run, your investment will only pay off if you are patient and methodical. – Constantly use the concepts of ROI and ROC to gauge your gains and losses over a given period. As we already said, sports betting is far from being the result of chance, but more the result of a statistical analysis. It’s an investment like the one you make when buying a house, for example. You have to think about the possible parameters that can play in your favor or against you. – Know what to bet on. Once again, we insist on the fact that chance is a minimal variable that should not really be considered in sports betting. One of the biggest mistakes amateur bettors constantly make is betting blindly on everything. Lack of strategy is the road that leads very quickly to loss. – Combinations are good, but single bets are better. Why ? For the simple reason that the more combinations you have on a bet slip, even say “safe”, the more you reduce your chances of winning. It is preferable to bet on simple bets with a prior objective and subjective analysis of the event. Several experienced tipsters advise specializing in a sport that you are passionate about and even in specific championships. In this way, you will be able to follow the news of all the matches and thus have the necessary weapons to find the Value Bet. If you want to learn more about the terms of sports betting, discover our complete glossary : ​​you will find various notions, such as the BTTS , or the Betting Exchange.

How to win at sports betting? Our tips for earning more

Our sports betting advice relies heavily on the experience we have of sports betting. A bettor for more than 10 years, Anthony, who is the founder of France Pronos, draws inspiration from his experience and shares it with you so that you too can become professional bettors. Because yes, you can’t pretend to be a professional bettor, and certain criteria come into play to obtain this status. Based on this experience and on those of other professional bettors who enjoy just as good a reputation, we recommend that you follow these sports betting tips in order to maximize your earnings 바다이야기. Bet on sports you know Do you know the rules of ice hockey ? If not, why would you place a bet on a match in this sport? It is a matter of common sense. Only bet on sports you know. It is still necessary to make a nuance between knowing a sport by name and really knowing it. That is to say, its basic rules, its championships or tournaments, its teams, its star players at least. Along the same lines, knowing the sport you are betting on requires that you have some knowledge of the leagues. If we take the example of football , bookmakers with a wide range of offers offer many events ranging from major championships to amateur leagues. If you are not informed about the evolution of a championship, it is preferable not to place bets there. Otherwise, it amounts to risky betting. You may win, but in most cases it’s a guaranteed loss. Analyze matches, odds and teams Knowing how to win at sports betting requires some thoroughness on your part. Now that you know that you shouldn’t place bets on sports and leagues that you don’t know about, you should conduct a detailed analysis of matches, odds and teams before placing any bets. A sports bet is a fund placement, and by extension an investment. In fact, a preliminary analysis is necessary in order to know which match to bet on. Of course, you are not going to bet on all matches blindly. Don’t be fooled by team names either. Just because a team has been dominating the scene for a long time doesn’t mean they’re favorites for sure. Things change and game systems evolve. The former outsider can very quickly become a serious competitor in view of the last recruitment he made after the takeover of the club. Paris Saint-Germain is an example of this. Each team and each rating must be studied beforehand. Do not always rely on the odds offered by bookmakers. After all, they also make predictions that can be winners or losers. It is therefore up to you to find the right prognosis that will thwart their plans. Nothing is definitively established during a sporting event. Anything can happen, an injury, weather conditions, a favorite’s withdrawal, etc. So many parameters to take into account in the establishment of a good prognosis.

Follow sports news

A good bettor must be on top of sports information relating to his favorite sport. It is thanks to the news of the players and the teams that you will be able to make good predictions. Last-minute news can very well upset the outcome of a meeting. As a reminder, the huge dust smoke that invaded Sydney had a major impact on the Australian Open tournament in 2020. Football fans know, for example, that the return of Karim Benzema to the French selection will tip the bookmakers’ forecasts in favor of France 바다이야기, which was already the big favorite for Euro 2021. Sports prediction sites will be of good advice When it comes to sports betting, the golden rule is to live in community. One cannot and cannot be effective without needing the help of other bettors. Sports prediction sites are good bulwarks for this purpose. Available in countless quantities,  바다이야기 these dedicated sites, pages and blogs allow you to take advantage of sports betting advice. This is excellent for making a confrontation between your own predictions and those of other bettors. Prediction sites: an obligation To win at sports betting, you must obviously follow the recommendations listed above. However, prediction sites have the great advantage of having precise statistical tools that allow them to offer reliable predictions. Like bookmakers, they take into account many parameters and data to be able to win in the long term. For football, which is the king sport, for example, prediction sites use software that helps provide football prediction advice. Thanks to these data combined with their subjectivity, we simply obtain football prediction advice much more reliable than that which many amateur bettors could offer. Seen from this angle, these sites are therefore a real obligation for all those who want to win at sports betting. The best prediction sites for sports betting There are a multitude of prediction sites for sports betting. Between pseudo tipsters, crooked tipsters and reliable tipsters, you quickly get lost. Several sports betting prediction sites will offer you free football prediction tips . But be careful, because nothing is free. It’s just a way to encourage you in return to open a gambling account with a bookmaker. It is a commercial trick which in addition to being twisted, does not offer reliable predictions. The only goal is to attract the greatest number of players to one or another. The best sports prediction sites will always pay, because every job deserves a salary. In addition, the price of subscriptions payable at these tipsters aim to create real motivation. In fact, by being paid to produce predictions, tipsters are led to give results to their subscribers. Football prediction tips: who gives the best tips and predictions? In terms of football prediction advice, there is no doubt that the expertise of Anthony, the founder of France Pronos, has risen to the top of the rankings as shown by this independent comparison site . With his 12 years of experience as a professional bettor, this tipster created the France Pronos site with the aim of providing all other bettors with football betting tips. By becoming a member of its large community by registering for free on the France Pronos site , you benefit from personalized monitoring. A seasonal report is established in the greatest transparency in order to highlight the strong points, but also the weak points of all the forecasts offered over a certain well-defined period. France Pronos is also daily predictions on all other popular sports, a team of responsive tipsters with social channels that work every day. Find us on Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram and more. No affiliation to a bookmaker is imposed on you here. We advise you on the best sports betting site to choose according to your expectations.

Value Betting: a definition

The Value Bet, by definition, is quite difficult to succeed literally based on the English translation. But to put it simply, we remember that the Value Bet is a bet on a sporting result whose probability of occurrence has been underestimated by the bookmaker. Each bet taker has a statistical tool which allows the odds to be generated taking into account several parameters, 바다이야기 especially statistical data. The only problem with this approach is that certain decisive elements linked to the match cannot be taken into account (motivation, stakes, injuries, state of form of the players, etc.). As a result, the human approach is still the best way to determine odds. From this perspective, the Value Bet will correspond to a rating that is considered to be erroneous, from an objective point of view, but also subjectively. Let’s take a concrete example to support our point. Consider a La Liga meeting between FC Barcelona and Levante, 2nd and 19th respectivelyof the championship. One is playing for first place in the championship while the other is already relegated to the second division. In addition, Barcelona remains on a series of 6 consecutive victories and its opponent on a series of 2 draws and a victory. The bookmaker offers odds of 1.15 to FC Barcelona, ​​the big favorite of this meeting. Which means he estimates FCB has about an 87% chance of winning this game. We are in front of a Value Bet, since we objectively estimate that in view of the previous meetings and the stake, it is certain that Barcelona wins. In fact, it is considered that the odds allocated to the favorite should be at least 98%. Since the objective probability of the event in percentage is higher than the odds offered by the bookmaker, then we are facing a Value Bet. And the greater the difference between the two percentages, the more profitable the Value Bet. The value bet in tennis The Value Bet is a concept that is not unique to football, but is also found in tennis. The principle is the same and here too, the greater the percentage difference between the odds offered by the bookmaker and the percentage of the objective probability that you offer on an event, the more profitable the Value Bet will be. And to illustrate this Value Bet tennis, let’s do a simulation of a match on clay between Nadal and Humbert respectively 2 nd and 30 th in the world. Thanks to reliable tennis predictions and your analytical work, you can identify a 75% probability of victory for Rafael Nadal. However, the bookmaker offers odds of 1.60 which equates to a percentage of 62.5%. The percentage of the objective probability being higher than that put forward by the bookmaker, we are therefore faced with a Value Bet. And a good one. Which means that if Nadal wins, your bet would be very profitable. The value bet in football A sports bet is by definition never 100% sure. And in football, surprises happen very quickly during a match. You can have injuries from the start of the match like that of Mohamed Salah of Liverpool during the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid. Expulsions that change the face of the game and very often make the favorite look like the outsider. It is therefore necessary to take into consideration the possibility of losing a bet even when it seems sure. A Value Bet foot will always be very profitable for the bettor, even if it will sometimes happen that he loses. If we continue with our illustrations, Lille, current first in Ligue 1, meets Dijon, last in the championship. Your analyzes will obviously take into account the challenge pursued by Lille and its overall state of form, without forgetting that of the players. You therefore estimate the team’s chances of winning on their lawn at 90%. The bookmaker estimates at 75% and offers a higher odd than what you offer based on your personal analysis. The difference being, we are facing a good Value Bet.

Where to find Value Bet?

The question may seem far-fetched, because there is no specific place where you will find Value Bet. The real difficulty also lies at this level, since the bookmakers are seasoned professionals who do not intend to lose money easily. They take care to calculate different statistical data before offering odds. Except that it is quite possible to detect Value Bet with a little effort and experience 바다이야기. To help you, you can for example call on the expertise of a notorious forecaster such as France Pronos and take advantage of many sports betting techniques that will allow you to detect Value Bet and thus be part of the privileged circle of winning bettors. . How to Calculate a Value Bet There is no doubt that the Value Bet is a veritable war chest for bettors. This is one of the best sports betting methods to use to manage your bankroll over the long term, if not simply the best. Whether you are an amateur or an expert in the field, finding a Value Bet will always require analytical efforts and experience. Even if subjectivity will be one of the biggest determinants here, the fact remains that nothing is left to chance. And call on a seasoned tipster like Anthony de France Pronos, professional tipster, very experienced and always on the lookout for good moves. Find his interview here . Let’s get to the heart of the matter and see how to calculate a Value Bet quickly and easily. Two formulas must always stay in your mind in order to be able to determine your Value Bet index. – The formula for the percentage of the probability: 100/odds – The formula for calculating the odds: (1/percentage of the probability) x 100 Let’s take our first example on the Spanish Liga with the match between FC Barcelona and Levante. The odds offered by the bookmaker are 1.15 for Barcelona to win. The percentage probability formula gives us 100/1.15 = approximately 87% chance of winning the game for the FCB. But you think that in view of your personal analyzes and especially the stakes of the match, the favorite team has a 97% or more chance of winning the game. To calculate the odds corresponding to this percentage you will do: (1/95) x 100 = 1.05 which corresponds to the odds derived from your analysis of the Blaugrana club’s probability of sure victory. In your opinion, the odds are therefore overvalued by 1.09% (1.15/1.05), a Value Bet which is certainly not great, but which seems like a sure shot on which you are better off betting.

Choose the right odds to have an interesting winning prediction

Making a winning prediction is one thing. But for this to be profitable, you need to have odds that can make you money . And again, not all meetings are in the same boat. To have a good return on investment (ROI) , it will be necessary to determine a rating that is likely to be profitable 바다이야기. And why not consider a value bet for the most ambitious. Either way, look to tipsters to find the best odds . Also know that it is not the biggest matches that offer the best. Sometimes a league 2 match can have higher odds than a league 1 match if the stakes are high. You will need to learn how to define this in order to make the most reliable winning prediction possible. Thereafter you will be able to know at a glance if a rating deserves to be taken for a sports bet . However, don’t worry about it, given the amount of matches offered by the bookmakers, you will necessarily find enough to make a winning prediction.

Opt for the right bookmaker and follow the advice of a recognized professional bettor

It is important to find the right online platform, if you plan to have an enjoyable gambling experience by betting on football. You must choose bookmakers that effectively meet your needs in terms of: football prediction diversity, best market odds, payment terms. Besides these, check if the platform has a valid gaming license and is recognized enough 바다이야기. This is important for the security of your bets and transactions. In addition, before placing your bets, consider consulting several bookmakers. The main advantage is that it allows you to confirm your analyzes with the value bet. A prediction that has very high odds at all bookmakers is less likely to come true. Finally, if you are a beginner, one of the best ways to succeed in your sports betting on football is to follow the advice of an expert. It’s not free, but quite useful if you want to become an expert in sports betting on football. You will learn a lot from professional football predictions. This will allow you to refine your analyzes and increase your positive results 바다이야기. However, it is important to choose the right expert and avoid the many online scammers. Check the ROI, the history as well as the balance sheet of the professional.

Avoid combined bets and system bets without forgetting the notion of value bet

It is better to opt for a single football prediction to maximize the chances of winning your bets. When you combine bets, you increase their odds. A simple win can bring you some nice sums of money. It is also the best way to reduce your chances of winning 바다이야기. As proof, when you bet on a combination of 10 matches, it only takes one to lose for you to lose your money. Now imagine that you make a bet per game. So you will win 9 games out of 10. You win more than you lose. This is also the technique used by professional bettors for their football predictions . They understood that betting on a single match would increase the probability of a successful football prediction. Likewise, you should bet on the football prediction which is more likely to come true according to your analysis. Avoid betting on all matches, you will quickly dissolve your capital. When two titans meet (Ex.: Real Madrid VS Paris Saint Germain), avoid betting if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​the outcome 바다이야기. You must evaluate several parameters before deciding. The match history, the current performance of each team, the health status of the players are key points that determine the outcome of the match. Keep in mind that better football predictions will come again tomorrow. And there, you will have more chance of winning with your bets. Finally, you must take into account the bet value before betting. This will give you a better chance of winning your football prediction. Understanding value betting is essential if you want to be profitable over the long term. Prediction odds are elements that determine the winnings you earn. You have to be careful with odds that are too big. In most cases, the result never materializes. It is when the bookmaker (betting platform) does not believe in the realization of an event that it increases its odds. In exceptional cases, the result comes true. This is why in addition to the value bet, you must analyze the information well in order to choose the right football prediction.

Basketball Champions League Predictions

If you know how the Football Champions League works, then you will have no trouble understanding the Basketball Champions League, commonly known as the BCL. This competition is very recent, having been created in 2016 following a disagreement between the FIBA ​​and EuroLeague Basketball federations. The games are played back and forth on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 32 basketball teams as part of a regular season 바다이야기. Then there are Playoffs and a Final Four . Due to its recentness in particular, the Champions League of basketball does not welcome the most prestigious clubs. But the experts of France Pronos who follow this competition very closely and have a fairly good knowledge of the participants will be able to find you more than one winning basketball prediction on the Champions League. LFB Predictions “LFB” is the acronym used to designate the Women’s Basketball League, and this French first division competition was created in 1998. The LFB sees 12 teams compete during a regular season in home and away matches then during a second phase which offers 3 mini competitions. Teams ranked 1-4 compete for the league title in the best of 3 games, those ranked 5-8 play for the European Cup places and teams ranked 9-12 compete to escape the last places which are synonymous with relegation to the lower division 바다이야기. Its annual frequency makes the LFB an interesting competition for finding good basketball predictions . However, it must be said that very few tipsters offer basketball predictionsin this league. The France Pronos team does not rule out the idea of ​​venturing into betting on the LFB, because this is part of its mission, which is to explore all avenues that can allow its community to earn the maximum possible money through online sports betting.

Use a money management strategy and bet only money you can lose

When you want to play gambling online, the first rule to adopt is to use money that you can lose. The same goes for football predictions . You need to build your capital with money that you want to use for fun 바다이야기. Don’t plan to use a necessary fund for your most vital needs. Generally, a good Money Management strategy recommends betting only 1% of your capital for games. However, you can limit yourself to 2%. By the way, the best to talk about is Paris Sportif Suisse. Doing so by limiting your bets allows you to bear the losses. In the Champions League, for example, the matches are tight. Lesser known clubs can beat popular ones. You will sometimes go several days without succeeding in a single football prediction. If you bet 30 or 70% of your capital, you risk finishing it quickly and therefore running out of resources when luck returns to your side 바다이야기. Adopting and rigorously following an effective Money Management strategy is essential to becoming an expert in sports betting on football. In addition, respecting the strategy of Money management requires good management of one’s emotions. You should know that the soccer predictionis just a game. You have to set limits for yourself and know how to walk away when the situation no longer suits you. Likewise, never embark on a quest to recover your lost bets. You risk losing big and quickly using up your entire bankroll .