NBA Predictions

Is it still necessary to present the NBA? Probably not ! However, for those who are new to the world of basketball, making an overview of the most important axes of this competition. The NBA is for basketball players what the Champions League is for footballers: the Holy Grail! Winning this trophy is a career achievement for any basketball player 안전놀이터. The NBA is therefore the most prestigious and coveted league in the world. It has existed since 1946 and was then called BAA before changing its name in 1949. This competition is the prerogative of the Americans and is logically dominated by players from the United States. However, thanks to the draft in particular, several foreign players are offered the opportunity to play there and start as rookies . The event is played between 30 franchises which first compete in 72 games (instead of 82 due to the health crisis) of the regular season. Then come the Pay-In Tournament (recently adopted) and the Playoffs. If there’s one basketball league where you really need the experience of a professional bettor to win your bets, it’s the NBA 안전놀이터. And the 2020-2021 season proved it again, especially with Golden States, which we expected at the bottom of the rankings, but which finally qualified for the Play-In Tournament by positioning itself in eighth place thanks to incredible performances against Lebron James’ Lakers, Western Conference leaders Utah Jazz, Damian Lillard’s Portland and many more teams. And the Golden States case is just one example among many. Regularly winning an NBA basketball prediction is therefore not given to everyone. However, there are people like Anthony from France Pronos who do pretty well with NBA basketball predictions . Predictions Pro A Does the Pro A speak to you? If not, it means your interest in basketball is budding. Indeed, it was only recently that the Pro A changed its name to be called Jeep Elite. This is a competition which sees the eighteen best basketball teams compete each year in France. For the past few seasons, the Pro A has used a formula quite similar to that of the NBA. All teams compete against each other in home and away games during a regular season, and the top eight of them qualify for the playoffs. In Pro A, the ASVEL club holds the record for titles won with 19 crowns. It is therefore the team to watch for a Pro A type 1N2 basketball prediction . You can also favor this Pro A basketball prediction for AS Monaco matches, because it is ASVEL’s biggest challenger. Of course, there are other teams to watch and many other winning tips to unearth in Pro A. If you are unfamiliar with them, let the experts win you some money.

The tipsters: experts who support you in your sports predictions

Even as a basketball fan, you will agree that it is impossible to watch matches all day long. You simply cannot afford it because of your work and various occupations. However, watching the matches is a prerequisite for finding a potentially winning basketball prediction안전놀이터 . That’s why tipsters occupy their days with matches. It is therefore not surprising that they often win the forecasts. In addition to spending most of his time watching interesting matches, but also sometimes very boring (it must be admitted), a tipster like Anthony still analyzes several minutes of viewing the summaries of the matches he missed when those These take place at the same time as a match he was wired to 안전놀이터. In addition, Anthony reviews the sports press so as not to miss any sports news. It is, for him, an essential routine in order to make sure not to bias an NBA basketball prediction , a Pro A basketball prediction or even a EuroLeague basketball prediction for lack of information. It goes without saying that a tipster is the joker to have up his sleeve to win the game of sports betting. All that they do upstream as work before the publication of a forecast is clearly not a task that can be accomplished by an average bettor. But you still have to choose the right tipster! As far as we are concerned, the question of the choice of his tipster is quickly answered, because Anthony’s results speak for him. Basketball predictions: bet on major events! The popularity of basketball makes it a sport with which it is possible to feast on predictions. And above all, the odds are quite attractive. As is the case with all disciplines, basketball matches are played on a variety of events, the most prestigious of which are the NBA, the Pro A, the EuroLeague, the Basketball Champions League and the LFB. These competitions give professional bettors food for thought and analysis to offer a large number of basketball predictions . And the icing on the cake, these events are there every year, unlike the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup or the Summer Olympics, each edition of which keeps fans and bettors in suspense for four years.

Basketball predictions: discover the best sites

As we have just mentioned, making a basketball prediction involves taking into account and having a very good knowledge of a certain number of crucial elements for victory. Contrary to what many people think, it is not enough to be a big fan of this sport to be 100% successful in your basketball predictions . If that were the case, all the undisputed fans of the orange ball would be multimillionaires by making sports bets 안전놀이터. But, the reality is quite different. Even if you are a big fan of this sport, it is better to leave the realization of basketball predictions to individuals whose area of ​​expertise is sports betting . If you engage the services of the right people, they will bring you total satisfaction. This is for example the case of the band in Anthony. These guys are both basketball aficionados and serious gamblers, with years of experience under their belts, but mostly good results. A little further down in this review, we will give you some crisp details about this team of top tipsters and their services. But first, we have decided to take you on a discovery of some of the best basketball prediction platforms in the ranking offered by the site  안전놀이터 . The best basketball prediction sites First of all, it is important to emphasize that is the reference site for finding good French-speaking tipsters. It is independent of the prediction providers it evaluates and is remunerated not by the affiliation of the tipsters, but by recommending bookmakers to bettors to play with. In addition, the work of this tipster comparator is verified by a trusted third party. All that to say that every piece of information published on the site can be considered gospel. Various elements are provided in a comparison table to help you make an informed choice. Without further ado, here are some betting tips sites that are getting attention. France Pronos: Do you remember Anthony that we mentioned a while ago? Well, it was he who set up France Pronos. We called him and his partners a “shock team” simply because of the balance sheet they posted at the end of 2020. With a return on capital of 235%, he is positioned at the top of the ranking , light years ahead of its competitors. Rest assured, this place occupied by France Pronos is not a stroke of luck since for 7 months in a row the prognostic basketball provider has monopolized the first place. Street players: with an ROC of 49%, this tipster occupies the second step of the podium and has the second best score (6.8/10) after France Pronos which received a well-deserved 9/10. Like France Pronos, Rue des Joueurs tick all the boxes when it comes to after-sales service, live predictions, bankroll management and bettor tools, which are the various advantages offered to bettors who take out their subscription. . Nabil Forecasts: with a score of 3.4/10, this forecaster occupies the last step of the podium. For Nabil Pronostics and the bettors in his community, 2020 ended on a positive note, even if the return on the investment made was only 3%. By attaching the services of this tipster, you will be able to benefit from live predictions. On the other hand, you will not be entitled to after-sales service or bankroll management and even less to betting tools. Which, it must be admitted, is not great, especially since you will have to pay a more expensive subscription than that of the other two tipsters. You will no doubt have understood by reading our presentation of these different forecasters that the ROC is an element that has influenced the establishment of this ranking. We have also mentioned the ROC many times in our various articles on the site, because it is a very important selection criterion. In addition to having the best ROC , France Pronos is distinguished by the fact that it offers a greater number of predictions daily than other tipsters and offers a first month of subscription which is almost free. For this and many other reasons that you will discover later, he deserves to prance at the top of the ranking proposed by the site

Why refund the first bets?

When we talk about the first bet refunded, it is true that nothing is done at random. The goal of bookmakers is to attract as many bettors as possible to their platform. Reimbursed sports betting allows bettors, especially those who want to try their hand at games, to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and make money without taking any real risks on their initial bet. For seasoned bettors, this is an opportunity to place bets on higher odds without risking losing their starting amount 안전놀이터. For example, you can easily follow the advice of professional tipsters such as those offered by and see your winnings climb very quickly. Combined with sports betting aids, this refunded bet can allow you to win big. Maximize your winnings with refund bets A sports betting offer will be offered by the best bookmakers in a different way. There are indeed many bonuses which are each subject to conditions. But it is true that the best bonus remains the first bet refunded. And for good reason, it is the only one that allows both sports betting enthusiasts and experts to optimize their winnings. The reason is simple, by placing a bet while knowing that the amount of your gaming account is at no risk, you are encouraged to play in a more relaxed way, and therefore, to take more risks 안전놀이터. It is obvious, for example, that when you take advantage of the first bet refunded at Winamax, you can easily afford to bet on a high odds (30 or more) and thus increase your chances of seeing your winnings high. First bet refunded at Winamax Taking advantage of the first bet reimbursed by Winamax is simple, practical and open to everyone under certain conditions which we will of course explain to enlighten everyone. The Winamax site offers two types of welcome bonuses to welcome its new members: a bonus of up to €500 and the first sports bet reimbursed up to €100. For the first refunded bet, the following conditions are those established by the bookmaker and available on its website: o Winamax refunds the first bet made on if it loses, within the limit of the amount of the first deposit. o This offer is valid for a single bet, a combined bet or a MyMatch bet. However, this offer is not valid for a system bet, a JDE team or a grid. o To be eligible for reimbursement, the maximum stake of the first bet must be €100, within the limit of the amount of the first deposit. – If the first bet made is not eligible (bet greater than the maximum amount or system bet), the next eligible bet will benefit from the refund offer. o The refund is paid to the player’s Winamax account once the bet is over if he loses. o The player must have a validated account to receive his refund (validated identity papers and proof of residence). If the account is not yet validated, the refund will be placed on hold in the player’s account and will be credited once the account is fully validated. o It is not possible to Cashout or complete the first bet. This offer is valid for the first sports bet placed within 30 days of the first deposit.

What is the NHL? the essential notions before betting

This post will help novices in this discipline but also the “confirmed”, I will tell you about the rules in NHL, the history, the forecasts on which I work, warnings….in short, lots of subjects that will allow you to better understand this discipline and my way of working on it. NHL, where were you born? The NHL is not young. The NHL has been around for over 100 years 안전놀이터 . The first season came in 1917/1918 with a victory for Toronto which would lift the Stanley Cup for the first time ever. The NHL or National Hockey League brings together the franchises of North America and Canada . You should know that just like the NBA or the NFL and MLB, the NHL is a real institution in the United States, this sport is extremely popular across the Atlantic… which is why you will find the best players in the world (just like for the NBA). As a side note, Montreal holds the record with 24 trophies in just 100 years. NHL games are widely watched both in stadiums and on television. This is the eighth sports championship that brings together the most spectators in the world after American football or cricket matches in India 안전놀이터!With an average of 17,000 spectators per game for a total of approximately 21 million per year, the NHL fascinates the crowds! With the introduction of the “Winter Classic” in 2008, a game played on January 1 every year, the NHL has seen its television audiences and the number of its programs dramatically increase. In Canada, broadcasts of NHL games were sold to Rogers Communication in 2014 for a 12-year contract worth 4 billion euros against a contract of nearly 2 billion euros spent by NBCUniversal for broadcasting in the United States for 10 years. Different rules to European rules Regarding the rules, they are slightly different from the better known championships in Europe (KHL, Magnus league ect ect), but I will still go into detail because I think not everyone knows them inside out. Ice Hockey is practiced on an ice rink on which 6 players per franchise skate (5 field players and a goalie). The game consists of scoring goals with a puck (small rubber disc) by wielding it with a hockey stick. The duration of the matches: a match is divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes, the total regulation time being therefore 1 hour. Each period is said as a TT (third time), and in NHL it is 18 minutes of break between each TT against 20 for the other championships. Another specificity of the NHL: the coach of a franchise can only field 20 players on the game sheet (including 2 goalkeepers), compared to 22 for the KHL or the Magnus league ….The role of the coach is therefore decisive because he has the freedom to let in or out whoever he wants and when he wants, his only restriction being not to involve his 2 guards simultaneously. Note that, unlike football, the goalkeeper on the ground cannot wear the captain’s armband. One thing that very few must know but that I also want to tell you is the number of referees: there are as many referees as players on the ice, in total you have 12 players and 12 referees, realize, what sport can fail to have so many referees? any. The reason is very simple: in my opinion, it is the fastest collective sport and therefore refereeing decisions must be taken almost instantaneously (whether to validate the puck in the net, or to give a penalty for example) . The role of the coach is therefore decisive because he has the freedom to let in or out whoever he wants and when he wants, his only restriction being not to involve his 2 goalkeepers simultaneously. (2 line judges and 1 to 2 main judges), to which are added 2 goal judges who take place behind the protective ice, 1 timekeeper, 1 announcer, 1 responsible for the score sheet, 2 responsible for the benches penalty, without forgetting the video judge behind his screen. Total:12 judges … for 12 players!!!!! More generally you will have understood it, the goal being to score one more point than your opponent. In the event of a tie at the end of the third period, the two teams have to play an extension of 5 minutes; so be careful this time you will only have 3 field players per franchise . If the score does not change it is the peno session with 3 shots per franchise and in the event of a tie it is sudden death. Either way, there will always be a winner! Why did I choose the NHL as my specialty? On this subject there are a multitude of reasons to start with passion , it is an ultra physical sport, the actors on the ice are real athletes, I believe that you do not even realize the physical requirement that you have to have to last a season in the NHL, the pre-season is absolutely daunting, 4 hours of bodybuilding/day and so on. The second reason is obviously financial. It is the only “mass” or “popular” sport that offers such juicy odds throughout the season. You will never see, I mean NEVER, an NHL odds lower than 1.50 on a win in RT (excluding overtime). This sport is a real gold mine for experienced gamblers who know how to make the most of this discipline. Look at the other sports, in football, tennis, basketball as well as all the other “popular” sports you will find sometimes even often disgusting odds (from 1.10 to 1.20 very often); and I will go further in my approach since even the other hockey leagues (excluding NHL) such as the KHL (russia) or the Magnus league (france) often offer horrible odds….. Remember this: this is the only sport where you will find such affordable and clean odds throughout the season!

Sports Betting Tip #5 – It’s not just football in life!

I know it. You think you really know football and so you are going to bet on football. But remember, you have to ignore your emotions. You have to bet scientifically and analytically. However, football is a sport full of surprises (remember Greece which won the Euro ten years ago) 안전놀이터. It is also the sport most scrutinized by bookmakers , and therefore the odds are very precise and very well chosen. (Unlike other sports where due to a lack of knowledge, the bookmakers may misjudge the different possible outcomes and good deals are therefore possible). Be careful with your football predictions. Take the time to analyze everything well, to measure everything… Tip #6 – Watch out for combined sports betting. A recent fashion is to combine several bets. These are combination bets . On paper, it’s interesting. By taking a few rather safe bets (with odds lower than 1.30, for example) and combining them, you can easily double your bet 안전놀이터. But, obviously, the multiplication of matches makes the outcome of the bet much more uncertain. It is enough that one of the matches on which you have bet does not have the expected result, and your entire bet is lost. It is therefore necessary to use combined bets intelligently, and without betting everything. Tip #7 – Start on paper. Of all the sports betting tips on this list, I’m sure this one will surprise you. In effect. In the beginning, I recommend that you do not bet for real . Practice on an Excel file or on paper. Your first 100 or 200 bets will allow you to adjust your technique, see what went wrong and still measure your progress and see if you really won something. I tell you 100 or 200 first bets, because I know you’re impatient. But really you should make your first 400 or 500 bets on paper. Just to be sure and to avoid the variance effect I told you about above.

Tip #3 – Control your emotions.

A good bettor controls his emotions . Even if you are a fan of Marseille, you will be able to bet on PSG when the context is right. Even if you’re on a big losing streak, you’ll remember my first sports betting tip and still bet only 1% of your bankroll instead of trying to recover and bet 10% a shot (which you will probably lose). Controlling your emotions is one of the keys to making money in sports betting . Tip #4 – Choose your bookmakers wisely You were probably expecting this 4th sports betting tip 안전놀이터. Choosing the right sports betting site is essential . Seen from afar, all the sites look alike but when you start to look for the small beast, each site has its specificities, its sports where it excels. There are sites with a more interesting and less restrictive welcome bonus. Sites with a cool app for your smartphone. Sites with excellent odds. And sites that will continue to take your bets even if you are still winning. And on the contrary, 안전놀이터 some sites block you when you win too much (because you make them lose too much money). ARJEL-approved sites If you live in France, you should normally register on an ARJEL-approved site (this is the regulatory authority for online games, it authorizes certain sites to operate on the French market, and others are refused). Approved sites are reliable, meet a long list of requirements and will always pay you the money they owe you. It is also unlikely that your bets will be blocked if you win too much. I particularly recommend for France the ARJEL approved sports betting site of the Française des Jeux, Parions Sport , and the Netbet site . These 2 sites reimburse you up to 100 euros on your first bet if it loses. The concern of these ARJEL-approved sites is that the ratings are less interesting (because the taxes are taken at source, and therefore the ratings reflect the taxes). And the first rule of the professional bettor is to watch the odds. Sites outside ARJEL So to circumvent all this, you can bet on a site outside ARJEL. They are also called Because these are sites accessible from anywhere in the world. Like Betfair, Pinnacle, Bet365, 5dimes or Matchbook. They do not block players and offer excellent odds (much much better than ARJEL sites). It is these bookmakers that professional bettors use, because they allow the best return on investment. Moreover, it is to such an extent that the same bettor can be negative if he uses an ARJEL site, and positive by using one of the non-ARJEL sites. Indeed, a small difference in odds between two sites, multiplied by 1000 or 2000 bets, quickly switches from positive to negative…

Tip #2 – Accept that you will lose bets. Lots of bets.

Losing bets is part of a bettor’s life. It’s normal. Some will lose more bets than others, it depends on the bets you make. But you have to be prepared to lose. Simply. Because it will now be part of your daily life 안전놀이터. No professional bettor wins in the long run with 80 or 90% successful bets. The pros rather turn between 40 and 60%, which is already not bad. Because unfortunately (or fortunately), you cannot predict the outcome of a match. It’s impossible. Unless you paid the athletes themselves. So many parameters come into play and will influence the outcome of the game. Parameters that you do not control. Luck, too, sometimes. So much so that sometimes, despite all the sports betting tips you’ve read, you’re going to chain losing bets. Many. Maybe too much for you. But this is where you can go from amateur to professional status. The amateur bettor will stop, while the professional bettor will understand that this is the result of variance, and that if his betting system is good, then he will go up. It has a nice name by the way: variance . There are times when you will be luckier, and times when you will be less lucky. And it’s not just up to you. Remember: these are human beings you are betting on. With their flaws. With the pressure that goes with it 안전놀이터. This is why sometimes Real Madrid will lose against a small club in the league when they are capable of winning the Champions League three times in a row. This is what makes small thumbs often reach the final of the Coupe de France.

Tip #1 (most obvious) – Only bet what you can afford to lose.

If you’re going to get started, you’re probably saying to yourself “hey, I’m going to deposit 1000 euros on such a site and start betting”. But it’s more complicated than that. There are plenty of sites, with different ratings – so it is recommended that you register with several of these sites 안전놀이터. In addition, each site offers a sign-up bonus to encourage you to join. Your first deposit should take this into account. But above all, even more important: your starting capital. You have to decide how much will constitute your capital. Because it is this amount that will determine the amount of your bets. In general, it is recommended to bet only 1% of the bankroll (the capital). 1% doesn’t seem like much, but it allows you to absorb losses. And you will have losses, believe me. Sometimes weeks of continuous losses. So if you bet 10% of your capital each time, it will melt like snow in the sun and it will quickly be the end of your career as a professional forecaster. So the first and most important of my sports betting tips is this: create a bankroll that you can possibly lose 안전놀이터 . And control your bankroll by betting only small amounts (1% or at least 2%).

What are my types of bets?

This discipline offers a certain number of them (as in all other sports), concerning me I only work on 3 types of predictions (I will tell you about the others just below). wins (RT or OT) When I talk about winning 안전놀이터, be careful, I’m not talking about 1X2 but about winning in RT or OT, and for the moment I almost always break down my bet in this way: 1/3 of my bet on the RT and 2/3 of my bet on the OT EX: after a detailed analysis, I identify a good confidence and I will therefore work on the odds offered by the books. I 안전놀이터 assume that my franchise is going to win and that my choice is good, so I will ensure the outcome by playing 2% on a win in OT (overtime and penalties included), and 1% on a win in RT. The odds in RT are 0.3 higher, which is quite logical in my opinion, but given the odds and given the stakes, my bet will be a winner no matter what if my team wins in OT, and of course the icing on the cake if it’s on RT. This is my way of working the wins in NHL! How to choose a winner? I’m not going to chew you all my work done upstream but a win is linked to 50% on the performance of a goalie!!! YES YES, you read that right, 50%! So, to make a first sorting I of course need the final line up concerning the goalies, then according to the goalies I will study the GAA, their SV and on the previous confrontations. This is the very first thing I need: the goal that will be in the net. Then comes the in-form players and those who are in the infirmary , but these criteria only come at the end of my analysis. The scorers So there this item is lucrative as ever. I can’t even call it a gold mine anymore, it’s nameless. All the odds offered on a scorer are greater than 2 and go up to 6 or 7, so imagine if you combine two scorers and it fits!!! All scorer predictions I offer them at 1%… How to choose an NHL scorer? This subject is very vast, and I’m not going to give you all the tricks on all these years I’ve worked on it either, but I can simply tell you that I very often choose a scorer based on his history with the goalies opposite. (and the form of the moment of course). A goalies is judged on his GAA and his SV, it’s to sum up the % of shots he collects according to the total % of shots, in short, to give you a concrete example, Ovechkin (emblematic player of the Caps) scores quite easily against certain goalies (Fleury on the Vegas side for example), so when the Caps meet Vegas and Fleury is in the net I rush headlong into Ovechkin scorer at @ 2.20… But you can’t learn all that in 2 minutes, none of my scorers are chosen at random, Parentheses on this item: POINTERS are not offered in Arjel but there too there are tickets to buy. the overs This last type of prognosis is also quite profitable since it is based on pure and hard stats, a subject that I master rather well being a maths teacher at the base. I only need some info: the stats of the goalies and the state of form of the two attacks . The ideal context is to have two average goalies against two big attacks; it’s not always the case but once again with the few years of live that I have behind me I manage to sort out the good spots to take.